Cold calling to a targeted list of prospects is our core strength. For companies that require fast results to leverage an outside sales group, telemarketing with MSL is the best way to quickly identify sales opportunities worthy of a sales person's attention.

Business leaders thrive on following up on "warm leads" and welcome the opportunity to speak with anyone about what they do and how they do it. However, successfully reaching out to new potential leads through introductory cold calling often freezes the nerves of even the most seasoned sales pro. These phone calls should result in developing a sizeable list of potential sales leads who want to meet with you discuss your business. Appointment Setting that leads to the important person-to-person meeting is the main goal of these series of telephone conversations. Many entrepreneurs go the cold-calling and Appointment Setting route alone and make all initial telephone contact with new prospects by themselves. Larger businesses often have dedicated sales teams spending part of their day making phone calls and following up on the information packages that they have sent to interested prospects.

Why should my business take advantage of an Appointment Setting service? There are times in every marketing cycle that are crammed with so much activity that no one person or team can keep up with the influx of new prospects to their level of satisfaction. Even the most professional sales force will miss the opportunity to follow up on a great lead when they are very busy. There are also slow days or weeks in every marketing cycle when finding good leads is a time-consuming challenge for any business. Hiring a full-service telemarketing company like MSL TeleServices that specializes in Lead Generation and Appointment Setting can be asset to your business in both the busy and slow periods during your company's sales year.

If you own and run your business alone, or almost alone, then you know the challenge of dividing your time between prospecting for new clients and setting aside the time to work on your clients' projects. Initial sales calls and Appointment Setting are crucial activities for attracting new business for your company, but can take you away from the valuable client work that you would rather focus your time and energy on.

Regardless of the size of your business, partnering with MSL TeleServices Appointment Setting Service will allow you to successfully manage all aspects of your sales prospecting activities. We can generate leads, contact new prospects and schedule face-to-face sales appointments for you, and help you work harder at meeting the needs of your prospects. Let MSL do the hard work of prospecting and let your sales people do what they do best...sell!

MSL TeleServices, Inc, offers:

  • No long term contracts!
    (Many companies require a year contract. Just give MSL four weeks to prove ourselves!)
  • Professional script creation
  • A positive and very professional important first impression for your company!
    Fresh, legitimate leads on a timely basis
  • Competitive pricing

Appointment setting services can be purchased on a cost per hour model and in some cases on a cost per appointment basis.

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