Audio Post Card Message Delivery Services

Audio Post Card makes communicating with your customers as simple as leaving a voicemail. Stores wishing to announce a sale can cut their promotion costs by 70-80% instantly.

Just call in to our recording line, leave your 30 second recording announcing your sale – and we will deliver your message to your customers cell phone or home phone. Messages will be played to live answered calls and to answering machines.

Using Audio Post Card is a fraction of the price of other promotion methods such as postcards, letters, radio and newspapers/magazines. For just 10 cents per call – your custom message can be delivered to 1000 customers for just $100. A mailer would cost hundreds of dollars more. We simplify the process of contacting hundreds or thousands of your customers by telephone about upcoming events in just minutes flat.

For just 10 cents per phone number, we can contact thousands of phone numbers in just a few minutes!    

  • Because we charge per dialed number, you’ll know the exact cost of your calls before we even start.

Audio Post Card Features:

  • Deliver thousands of messages instantly.
  • Calls can be delivered to answering machines and live answered calls.
  • New programs can be started on short notice.
  • Program set-up takes just a few minutes.
  • Credit cards accepted.

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